Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Spheruleus Discography

SEPTEMBER '12 Various - Hawk Moon Volume III digital only compilation album
(8. Spheruleus - Under Respite Vision) [Hawk Moon]

AUGUST '12 Spheruleus - The Late Surge Of Gold 100 limited edition CDr album [Analogpath]

JULY '12 Spheruleus - Revolving Fields 75 limited edition 3" CDr [Rural Colours]

JULY '12 Spheruleus - Cyanometry 100 limited edition CDr album, digital album [Tessellate]

JUNE '12 Ekca Liena and Spheruleus - Mapping The Boundary Layer 500 limited edition CD album, digital album [Home Normal]

JUNE '12 Pleq and Spheruleus - Quietus Gradualis 80 limited edition deluxe 2 x 3" CDr edition, 150 limited edition CDr edition [Time Released Sound]

MARCH '12 Pleq, Hiroki Sasajima and Spheruleus - Time & Language 300 limited edition 12" Vinyl, digital album [Felt]

FEBRUARY '12 Spheruleus - Dissolve digital only album [Audio Gourmet]

OCTOBER '11 Various - A Silent Swaying Breath digital only fundraising collaboration album [Audio Gourmet]

OCTOBER '11 Spheruleus - Voyage 200 Limited edition CD album, digital album [Hibernate] CD CD and Digital

AUGUST '11 Various Artists - Sequence 1 free digital only compilation album (9. Pleq and Spheruleus - A Journey Through Unfamiliar Places) [Futuresequence]
JULY '11 Various Artists - Just A Moment digital only fundraising compilation (Spheruleus - Untitled #1) [Audio Gourmet]

MAY '11 Various Artists - Kanshin Limited edition 2 x CD compilation and digital version[Fluid Audio/Hibernate]

MAY'11 Various Artists - In The Bleak Wilderness Of Sleep 200 limited edition CDrs/digital version (Spheruleus - Overcast) [Audio Gourmet]

FEB'11 Spheruleus - Forgotten Outland free digital netlabel album [Resting Bell]

FEB'11 Spheruleus - Debris digital album [Audio Gourmet]

JAN'11 Various Artists - Hidden Landscapes 200 limited edition CDs/digital version (Spheruleus - Frost) [Audio Gourmet/Hibernate]

SEPT'10: Spheruleus - Frozen Quarters digital re-issue [Audio Gourmet]

AUG '10: Spheruleus - Driftwood/Seafoam EP free digital netlabel EP [Audio Gourmet Netlabel]

JUL '10 Spheruleus - Decompose digital album [Audio Gourmet]

MAY '10 Spheruleus - Rust EP free digital netlabel EP [Audio Gourmet Netlabel]

MAR' 10 Spheruleus - Frozen Quarters 150 limited edition CDs [Under The Spire]

SEP '09 Spheruleus - A Vision Obscured free digital netlabel album [Earth Mantra]

JUL '09 Spheruleus - Tales From The Labyrinth free digital netlabel album [Test Tube]

MAR'09 Spheruleus - The Disguised Familiar free digital netlabel album [Earth Mantra]

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