Monday, 7 May 2012

Recent Spheruleus remixes

Over the last twelve months I've managed to make a few remix appearances that have as yet gone unmentioned on here. I thought it would be worth bunching them together on a post so that you can check them out and also get yourself acquainted with the rest of the albums that they appear on.

I'm always keen to remix material so if anyone out there needs something reworking for a release, please get in touch here:
JOSCO - 0611 (Spheruleus Version)
So to kick this post off, most recently I had a remix go out on Somehow Recordings, as part of this remix album for Josco's 0611 EP out last year on the same label. It has been renamed Khan Tam - ngan - Roum Kan and has only just been released this week. For now, without an available digital copy, you'll have to act fast to get a copy of the CD from the label:
Other remixers include Shaula, Alessio Ballerini, Nobuto Suda, Joshua Carro, Damian Valles, Mushy and Fernando Carvalho
PLEQ AND LAUKI - XII (Spheruleus Remix)

Also on Somehow Recordings and out earlier this year, I was invited by my friends Pleq and Mikel Lauki to remix a piece from their The Anatomy Of Melancholy album. I'm in good company, with other remixes from Offthesky, Antonymes and Maps and Diagrams. The disc sold out fast, but you can still get yourself a full digital version at the above link.

y0t0 - URIARRA ROAD (Spheruleus Remix)
Released in July last year, this remix of y0t0 (one half of Hessien) came out on Fac-Ture as a digital only release. Fac-Ture is a label run by Fluid Radio boss Daniel Crossley and is curated as exquisitely as both the posts on Fluid Radio and the music sold in its Stashed Goods store.
I'm also delighted to join a roster of remixers consisting of Jasper TX, Seaworthy, Field Rotation, Relmic Statute, Ghosting Season, Downliners Sekt
The album is still available for all at a measly £2 and if you still can't stretch to that, my remix is on offer for just 30p.

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