Saturday, 10 November 2012

Spheruleus - The Late Surge Of Gold [Analogpath]

Copies are still available at the time of writing, from the link above. Digital version coming soon

The Late Surge of Gold was composed specifically for Analogpath,
recorded during last year’s Indian Summer in the UK, a phenomenon in
which the sun shines deep into autumn. This is an album which
documents warm and hazy summer, the bright sunshine that extends
through autumn before eventually descending into the cold of winter.

The sounds are a typical example of Spheruleus’ work, pooling together
fragile acoustic recordings from the artist’s instrument collection.
They are joined by field recordings, static and subtle drones which
amount to a lo-fi pastoral tale, unfolding the full spectrum of
seasonal colours from the warmth of yellow and orange, fading slowly
to grey and darkness.

Artwork by Johan Söderberg, except from the image which features a
building. This was taken by Harry Towell on holiday in the Peak
District at the height of the Indian Summer.

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